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An Inspirational Gift...

As I write this blog, it is Christmas morning and it's snowing out. I am not a fan of snow, yet for some strange reason, the snow has me in a mellow sort of mood. A very reflective state of mind. Although our business is nearly six years old, this was our first year as a full-time entity, and the radical change was overwhelming, at times, yet fulfilling and amazing. We did more shows than in the past, made many more friends, and learned quite a bit about ourselves...and others.

One of the things I was reminded of occurred at a show in the fall. Many of the shows we did asked the crafters for an item to be donated for the show's raffle. We participate, and usually donate a pen. At this particular show, the youngster who won our pen was as happy as a grown-up who hit the lottery. I found out about this after the fact, so I never got to ask the child what he/she planned to write. I sincerely hope, the youngster was inspired to go on to big things in their life.

It reminded me of an older ad from a "big-box" electronics retailer that asked the question "What will your gift inspire?" It made me stop and wonder if I had received such an "inspirational" gift. It didn't take me long to remember that I received it from my parents...

When I was 5...

It was a child's Tool Set, and it had a hammer, screwdriver, drill, sandpaper and sanding block, and all were real tools, except they could fit

a child's hands. My personal favorite was the saw. The blade was about 12 inches long, and was as real as it gets. And believe me, nothing was sacred, if it didn't move it got sawed...little branches, wood scraps, the dog house, you name it. My mom was like Ralphie's mom in A Christmas Story {You'll saw your eye out!!), but my father encouraged me with the tools. In my teens, I would aquire power tools, and learn about other hand and power tools, thus encouraging a lifelong love affair with woodworking

I hope all of you get inspiration from not just a gift, but from each other as well. On behalf of my wife Sue, our daughter Ashley, and our four legged sidekicks, may your holidays be merry and happy...

Here's to a wonderful 2018!!!


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