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My first taste of woodworking began over 47 years ago, thanks to my father; who started teaching me at a young age. As the years went by, my love and knowledge of woodworking grew. In high school, my education and skills continued to grow. I slowly became more of a self taught woodworker, making small items and furniture pieces for family and friends.


In 1996, my wife and I bought our first home, and I built a small shop in the basement. My skills, as well as the shop grew, as I made more furniture for my wife. She encouraged me to go out, learn even more, and start my own business.


On February 2012, we launched Norman Woodcrafts on Etsy. We also sell at various craft shows in our home state of Connecticut. As the business grows, so will the product categories. This fall, we plan to add custom furniture, as well as different kinds of  woodturnings.Keep checking back for more updates on our products and sales..


BTW, our cat's name is Rocky, "the Killah Shop Kitteh" You'll be seeing a lot more of him in the weeks and months to come...

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